The price of light is less than the cost of darkness

Data is the new oil. Refine it.


Can you see the future

Does your data have a purpose?

If not, you’re spinning your wheels. We can help you to discover the purposes and then translate it into action.

Your data may rest in multiple silos, may be unorganized and in disparate formats. We can handle it all. We start from review of your data ‘as-is’ and deliver intuitive detailed reports in powerful visuals.

We can guide you through the entire process from use case articulation, data handling, data strategy planning, execution & implementation and continued development and evolution.

Future has arrived

Predictive Analytics Lab

Our predictive analytics lab helps our clients anticipate future outcomes and plan their actions in the right direction.
Our lab comprise of centers of excellence for a range of models for predicting, segmentation, association, correlation or optimization.

Analytics As A Service

Our predictive analytics lab helps our clients anticipate future outcomes and plan their actions in the right direction.
Our services cover entire spectrum from providing predictive analytics consulting, team augmentation, or integrating the solutions in production environment.

Big Data

Our Big Data Research Services are designed to help you at every stage in the data journey.
You can use our full range of services as an end to end experience, or simply use our services to aggregate and delivery big data at your doorsteps. Our suite of data feeds curate useful data for your needs in an easily ingestable form.

Products In Action

Innovation funnel begins with training of minds to generate useful ideas. IdeationBucket+ gives team leaders power to channelize creative energies of their teams.
ESG Robo Advisor is a set of precision tools built to help investors and companies collect, report and act upon non-financial data.


Some companies we are working for

Your work has helped us to conclude that advanced analytical techniques can be applied, with high degree of precision, to solve some of the challenges in our logistics department.
We appreciate your consultative and collaborative approach to understand the business problem and translate that into a data science problem for finding solutions.

Leading Sports Brand (Fortune 100 Company)

Logistics Department

We would like to thank you [...] for the efforts put in to build these for us and go through multiple iterations to accommodate changes/modifications.

Emirates NBD

Project Manager

Bizness Analytics helped us understand the true power of analytics to solve everyday problems.

Ali Gizer

CEO, AG Platform


Common Use Cases

We are building an inventory of template and ready to use models for most common use cases in industry.
Our inventory of use cases are available for sector specific situations as well several common functional requirements across sectors







Learning Resources
Practical and actionable step-by-step tutorials about GRI, other framework guidelines and how to create a Sustainability Report. Learn the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) requirements for meeting stakeholder expectations.

Guided Report Creation
A guided process aligned with requirements set in GRI standards and GRI content index ensures alignment with requirements set out in the GRI Standards. A machine learning powered recommendation engine and smart background processes ensures highest level of efficiency.

Report Publishing and Submission
Submit GRI compliant reports directly from the portal and publish them on our repository to easily share with stakeholders, all through same corporate account.


Innovation is a funnel that begins with training of minds. Research shows that companies need to screen more than 70 ideas to find that 1 value creator idea. Companies not only need high volume of ideas, it is critical that these Ideas come from a variety of sources including employees, customers and partners.

But Ideation is a challenging and complex task. The process requires experience in understanding people dynamics, managing teams, flexibility and soft skills, which in reality are a difficult mix to master.